Valorant to start gamemodes rotation from May 26

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Valorant has a total of 7 game modes, out of which 4 (Unrated, Compitative, Spike Rush, and Deathmatch) are permanent and 3 others are temporary. The two of the other modes (Snowball Fight, and Escalation) have been depreciated while the another mode, Replication, is live in the game as of now.

The Replication is scheduled to be live till May 25 2021. These temporary modes were uncertain if they would ever come back. However, Valorant's Senior Producer Lisa Ohanian revealed today that Valorant will rotate the playlist starting May 26 (after Replication). The Snowball Fight, Escalation, and Replication will follow a cycle of 2 weeks (the same as patch notes) starting May 26.

Why can't Valorant have all the game modes live at once?

According to the Producer Lisa Ohanian, 'having too many modes active at one time dilutes the queues for all of our modes... which in turn makes it take longer to find a match (or an appropriate one, at least) in any of them.'

She said, 'rather than making all of our modes more frustrating, we’re choosing instead to offer a select number and ensure that you can find them quickly, and with solid matchmaking.'

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They have some other plans too

Lisa Ohanian further added that they also have some other plans regarding the playlist. Valorant will stick to the newly announced system for a few cycles before reassessing their plans.

Valorant's latest game mode Replication is by far the most well received among the temporary game modes, and many fans were sad about its depreciation. The new playlist rotation system is a good news for these fans and also for the fans who like Snowball Fight and Escalation.

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