OG destroys two Valorant players' careers

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Similar to many European Valorant rosters, OG decided to change up their roster a little bit to go back to their winning ways. But these changes were made by OG at the expense of two players' careers!

OG was reportedly supposed to sign  David "Fizzy" Figueiredo and Jani "shéd" Marjanen to complete their Valorant roster. But reports indicate OG are opting to sign the former HONK duo Tomas "Destrian" Linikas and Nikita "trexx" Cherednichenko instead. This may not seem like that big of a deal at first as many organisations usually consider multiple players and scrim with them before making a decision. But here, OG Esports went ahead with the like of playing with Fizzy and shed for an entire month and telling them that they were about to get signed to the organisation officially.

This was supposed to be a big break in both of the players' career. But little did they know OG had entirely different plans. OG scrimmed with them for a month and even asked them their jersey sizes and was set to provide equipment from SteelSeries on behalf of the organization, according to sources close to Upcomer. But after everyone got the news of Team HONK disband, the organization just decided to not go with them and pick players from HONK instead.

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Fizzy and shed are now currently without any team as they quit their teams in hopes of finally joining a big organisation and finally make it into the Valorant professional scene. OG Esports is yet to respond to this entire situation.

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