Sinatraa says he will play for Sentinels after his ban gets lifted

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Jay "Sinatraa" Won is a professional Valorant player who previously played for Team Sentinels as their star player. After the sexual allegations made by his former girlfriend, he was benched from the team and eventually given a six-month ban from competitive play. Today, on his stream, he revealed that he will play for Sentinels after the ban gets lifted.

Sinatraa has been streaming and grinding Valorant since he came back to streaming around 10 days ago. I have to say the timing of Sinatraa saying this is pretty odd as just yesterday, his name was removed from the Sentinels' official website and was replaced by TenZ.

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In his stream, Sinatraa said that after he moves from his current house, he will start grinding Valorant again and will stream atleast 11-12 hours daily and get back to playing Valorant competitively. A fan in his chat asked him about which team is he going to play in. Sinatraa replied that he'll play in Sentinels!

This seems strange because Sentinels already have their new and stronger lineup who just got back home from winning VCT Masters 2 without even dropping a single map and TenZ was unofficially the best player of the entire tournament. Many people are predicting that Sinatraa may join the team as a sixth man and could play some maps while TenZ substitutes out for those particular maps.

These six-man rosters are pretty common in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive since 2020 and have proved of getting some great results. I think since Sinatraa is still under contract and is literally the highest-paid Valorant player along with 100T nitr0 with a salary of 25,000usd per month, (revealed by TenZ's girlfriend Kyedae) Sentinels would be inclined to at least use him in a couple of tournaments. It's hard to say what will the future hold for Sinatraa and Sentinels and how will the team cope up with it.

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