Patch 2.02 brings music in Valorant on all maps, listen here

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Valorant has surprisingly added music to the game in the latest patch 2.02. The music can be heard at the beginning of the match on all maps.

The Valorant patch 2.02 was released yesterday, while the patch was a minor one in terms of visible changes, it brought a lot of competitive changes. Among all of this, something was added to the game that was not mentioned in the game, neither did the fans anticipate.

Although Riot Games' Preeti had talked about 'two surprises' earlier, adding music to the maps was unforeseen. However, she had said that the surprises would be related to cosmetics.

Theme music in Valorant maps

You can hear pleasant music for a few seconds in the first buy round of the match. Each map has different music or it might be random, we just don't know yet. You won't be able to hear it though if you have decreased music audio level as it is relatively quiet. Fans in the North American region are loving this new feature, however, Indian players will have to wait for the latest patch 2.02 to drop.

Is Valorant teasing something?

Valorant usually teases upcoming things like this. While people are talking about a new map in Valorant, this is just a quality update. Valorant has just introduced theme music for every map and speculating anything further would be too early.

Who said Raze must be happy?

raze listening to music in valorant
Raze listening to music in Valorant

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