Will Zombies come back to Cod Mobile?

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The Zombies mode was brought to the mobile platform after bein first introduced in COD: World At War. This was released in the mobile platform in November 2019. It was well received by the players but they felt it was not the same like the ones on the console or PC platforms. Hence it was removed from the mobile platform.

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Zombie Mode

The Zombies Mode

In this mode you would have waves of zombies coming at you and you had to survive them. It was basically a survival mode with endless waves of zombies coming at you. With each wave the zombies would get stronger by a small margin. The players would get some certain powerful weapons like the KRM, ICR-1 etc and they had to try their best to survive the zombies. The mode however was under developed and was not at par with its console or PC counterparts. Hence the game removed the mode in hope of releasing a new and improved version.

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Waves of zombies

Was the mode a favorite?

The Mode was a favorite for the majority of the players and everyone enjoyed playing them. The COD mobile community have repeatedly requested COD mobile to bring the mode back to the game. Many of us thought we would get the zombies mode in the Halloween event but we got the Attack of the Undead instead. There is still hope that the game will bring the mode back as it is in demand but only time can tell now.

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Favorite Mode