[PMCC PK & BD] All details for PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Pakistan and Bangladesh 2021?

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  • PMCC 2021 for Pakistan and Bangladesh was announced yesterday.
  • PUBG Mobile players in colleges can register for the tournament.
  • Here is how to register for the tournament in both the countries.

PUBG Mobile Campus Championship begins on 22 March 2021. The registration for the tournament in both Pakistan and Bangladesh has already started. Here is how to register your squad and all important details.

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How to register for PUBG Mobile Campus Championship (PMCC) Pak and Bangladesh?

The registration steps for the tournament are rather simple. You will need the following details of each member of your team besides the Team Name:

  • Email ID
  • Character ID
  • University/College ID Card Number
    • If a player doesn't have a university/college number then his mark sheet registration number will also be acceptable.

After gathering the details of each member, follow the below steps to successfully register for PMCC 2021.

  • Go to this link: https://esports.pubgmobile.com/pmcc/pk/
  • Click on 'Registration' tab.
  • Scroll down to find the registration form.
  • Fill in your Team Name, and Region.
  • Fill in the details of each member of your team.
  • Accept Privacy Policy, and T&C.
  • Click on submit button.

You will get further instructions on your email.

Requirements to participate in PMCC 2021 Pakistan and Bangladesh

  1.  Rosters are finalized upon registration submission.
  2. Participants must have reached 16 years of age or older (i.e., the player has lived for at least 16 calendar years) as of the Tournament start date, and must comply with any applicable age ratings from rating authorities and mobile platform ratings systems.
  3. A player under the legal age of maturity in his or her country of residence, but older than 16 years of age (i.e. having lived for at least 16 calendar years after the date of birth as of the Tournament start date) may participate with consent from parents or legal guardians.
  4. In order to participate in the Campus Championship, a player must be enrolled in a study leading to an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree at a college or university located in Bangladesh/Pakistan (according to the region they are participating).
  5. All players must be level 30 and above and ranked Platinum or above at the time of registration.
  6. Team Rosters must be of 4 players only.
  7. Players are only allowed to use mobile devices during the tournament (including the in-game qualification round), and players that use tablets or a PC emulator will be disqualified.

Prizepool and schedule of PMCC PK and BD 2021

The tournament features a massive prizepool of $120,000. The registration has already started and will go on till 14 March 2021. Schedule after the registration is as follows:

  1. In-game Qualification: 22 Mar TO 4 Apr
  2. Online Qualifiers: 8 Apr TO 25 Apr
  3. Quarter Finals: 29 Apr TO 9 May
  4. Semi Finals: 14 May TO 23 May
  5. Grand Finals: 28 May TO 30 May

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Questions you might have regarding PMCC Pakistan and Bangladesh 2021

Q: What are the phases of the tournament?

Tournament phases:

  • i. Online Qualifiers Phase 1
  • ii. Online Qualifiers Phase 2
  • iii. Round 2
  • iv. Quarter Finals
  • v. Semi Finals
  • vi. Grand Finals

Q: How to Join Online Qualifiers Phase 1?

Once the registrations are finished, your team will be verified.

After verification, you will receive email on the captain's registered email address a day before your match along with the schedule.

Q: Criteria To qualify in Online Qualifiers Phase 1

All members of your squad should be at least level 30 and ranked above Platinum V to be eligible for campus championship

Q: Is there any Specific Timing for matches to be played?

Tournament officials will e-mail the schedule to all the confirmed teams between 12 pm till 10pm a day before your match.

Q: Can I use IPAD instead of a Mobile Phone?

No, only mobile phones are allowed in the tournament.

Q: Can I use Trigger or Emulators?

No, triggers and emulators or any other add-on devices are strictly prohibited. Team/players will be disqualified if found to be using additional devices.

Q: Where to Find Lobby id and Password?

For Online Qualifiers: Lobby ID and password will be shared in the captains registered email address 15 minutes before the match by tournament administration team.

You will receive an invite link to the community Discord and schedule will be e-mailed to you 1 day prior to your team's match on the Captains registered email address.

Q: Can I use substitutes who are not registered once the tournament starts?

No, you can’t use unregistered players once the tournament begins.

Q: Can I add or modify team members after I submit my registrations?


Q: What’s point distribution?

Scoring for each Tournament Game will be based on each Team’s final kill count, in-game placement, and compensation point (if any).


Every kill is worth 1 point.

Q: Can I change the team name after my registration is submitted?

The team name cannot be changed after registration is submitted.

The submitted name will be used for further proceedings until the next round of qualifications.

Q: What’s the eligibility criteria for the tournament?

  • i. Resident of Bangladesh
  • ii. Currently Studying in College/University in Bangladesh
  • iii. Minimum age – 16 years
  • iv. Valid College ID proof
  • v. Level 30 Account and Platinum V

Q: How to register a player who is below 16 years of age?

As per the rule, all players need to be above 16 years of age.

You have to be 16 years as of 1st March, 2021 to be eligible to participate.