Valorant Mobile and Console are still in development (March 2021), here is what the future holds

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  • Riot is still working on Valorant mobile as of March 2021 (patch 2.04).
  • We do not yet have a tentative date for mobile and console versions.
  • Valorant Mobile was on the cards ever since the beta phase.

Valorant Mobile and Console are still in development, says a popular data miner @ValorLeaks as on the latest patch 2.04 in March 2021. Valorant mobile has been being speculated since the earliest days of Valorant when a Mobile UI was found.

A new piece of code has constantly been found through subsequent updates. The latest strings related to Valorant Mobile were added in the Episode 2 patch. Among other words, the code includes strings like, 'mobile', 'iphone', and 'range'.

valorant mobile ui guide on
Some other strings related to Valorant Mobile

However, we are still at a very early stage, and Riot has not yet said anything about the mobile and console port of the game. It might even not come on other platforms.

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Valorant Mobile and Console might be scraped if it doesn't feel good

Although Valorant is planning their mobile version as mobile games are selling like hotcakes recently, it might be scrapped if it does not transfer the same experience as PC.

Will Valorant release on console?

Along with mobile, the console version of the game has also been in development. Valorant devs say that making the game run on a console is an achievable goal but "Valorant is a game that requires precise aiming, responsive movement, recoil control, and being able to execute abilities in a limited amount of time. Is it possible to effectively execute a clutch play in Valorant using a controller?", in an interview with Eurogamer.

Devs say that they don't want to compromise on the core Valorant experience and competitive integrity.

Do we have a Valorant Mobile release date planned?

Valorant PC itself is a very new game, only about one year old. It only has 5 maps, 15 agents, and 3 permanent game modes. The primary focus for the devs is to add more content like maps and agents on the PC version first. With that being said, Valorant mobile and console's release date is anything but before 2021.

Valorant would not want to miss on the mobile wave

With more and more powerful mobile phones coming out, we are at a point where some of them can even run games of 144 fps. Sensing the opportunity, many games have released their mobile version, the most popular ones being PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile. Riot Games themselves have announced League of Legends' mobile port Wild Rift which is currently in beta.

Releasing a mobile version of Valorant will only make it more popular as more and more people are getting access to mobile earlier than PC, combine that with already huge mobile users in countries like India and Brazil.


Valorant has a huge potential in mobile and console player base, they are even working on it, but it all comes down to whether they can replicate the same level of gameplay experience as PC on mobile and consoles.

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