Project M: All to know about the pseudo Valorant Mobile

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Project M: All to know about the pseudo Valorant Mobile: Are you more of a mobile game person and also love Valorant? Project M is your answer until Valorant releases its mobile port officially. Chinese video games giant and a competitor of Tencent Games, NetEase, has revealed its newest game, Project M, in closed beta. Project M has caught the attention of Valorant fans because of its stark similarity with the latter.

The trailer of the game was launched very suddenly and without any prior announcements. Project M looks so similar to Valorant that you could easily confuse it for the official Valorant Mobile if you don't see who the developer is. In fact, the only prominent difference between the two games that I could see in the trailer was the shape of the spike. Watch it yourself.

Project M is a professionally rip-off of Valorant

Project M for Project A. If you are an earnest Valorant fan, you would notice that Project M has copied not just the concept, map, UI, and N other things, but also the title style of Valorant Youtube videos. Remember the double-slash (//)?

Project M is currently in closed beta and not very much is known about it apart from the trailer. They do have a Facebook group though.

The trailer of Project M starts with the phrase, 'Sharp Gunplay', and the way Valorant has been trolled with similar phrases like 'Precise Gunplay', makes me feel like Project is also taking a dig at Riot Games, or it might just be another mimicked aspect.

Valorant Mobile is officially releasing soon

It was recently confirmed that Valorant Mobile was in development. The game is speculated to be released sometime around mid-2022. But now that NetEase has released Project M, it would be interesting to see the stand of Riot Games on Valorant Mobile.

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