Judge calls for BGMI and Free Fire ban, writes a letter to PM Modi

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Judge calls for BGMI and Free Fire ban, writes a letter to PM Modi: Do you like playing BGMI? Are you addicted to it? BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India or as commonly called PUBG India), and Free Fire are the most popular video games in India. These games have the potential to outdo even cricket in terms of viewership, once the current generation of teenagers grows up. The vast popularity of said mobile games has created a widespread notion that they are evil. However, the truth is that any mobile app, or in fact any aspect of social life can be addictive if it has got a gamification aspect.

Somehow, only these two games are being targeted and the rest of the apps and games are being ignored even if one is caught using them in the parliament.

Additional Judge Naresh Kumar Laka is seeking ban on PUBG India and Free Fire

An ADJ Naresh Kumar Laka has written to PM Narendra Modi highlighting 'adverse impacts' of PUBG India and Free Fire and called on their ban.

The judge wrote, as per Times of India, "the citizens of the country appreciated your action in banning the notorious game PUBG Mobile which caused devastating adverse effect on the development of children. But recently two similar games, namely Garena Free Fire and PUBG India (Battlegrounds Mobile India), are also causing adverse impact on the children like the previous PUBG".

The judge who is a father to two children himself highlighted the concern and called for immediate action on video games.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time a ban has been requested on BGMI and Free Fire. An MLA MLA Ninong Ering had written to the government seeking a ban on BGMI even before it was launched. An E Martin Jayakumar had gone as far as seeking a ban on all video games both online and offline in The Madras High Court, the plea was rejected, however.

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