PUBG bans over 1 Million accounts for cheating

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PUBG Mobile has recently announced via Twitter that it has imposed a permanent ban on 1 million-plus accounts for using third-party applications and cheating. The company keeps on conducting regular sweeps for cheating players, and from time to time, and erases their account data.

The company revealed that in its latest sweep from March 5 to March 11, it banned over 11,10,842 players under its BanPan initiative. The majority of these accounts were using auto-aim hacks, speed hacks, and X-Ray vision hacks.

Apart from this, the company has also revealed some stats of the latest anti-cheating report, which states that out of the 11,10,842 banned players 34 percent were from the Bronze category, 13 percent were from the Diamond category, 12 percent were from the Silver and Crown ranks, 11 percent were from the Platinum category, 10 percent were from the gold category and 7 percent belong to the Ace category and the least amount of hackers belonged to the Conqueror category.

There is no way to retrieve these banned as all of their data has been erased from the company's servers. A number of these accounts are usually bots that hackers create to help them out during matches. The rest of the players are using these hacks directly to gain advantages during matches. Compared to the last BanPan report, the number of hackers has reduced by around 41 percent.

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