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We have a new game mode that is called PUBG Mobile Hundred Rhythms Update which is recently launched in the game. The whole gaming community is quite enthusiastic about this 1.3 update. We will discuss all the important aspects of the update.

There is no doubt in the fact that PUBG Mobile is gaining popularity with each new update for the players. This time the game has successfully completed 3 years in the community. Therefore, they launched a new mode called PUBG Mobile Hundred Rhythms update globally. We will cover the major features that you need to understand.

Powers in PUBG Mobile Hundred Rhythms Update

Powers in PUBG Mobile Hundred Rhythms Update

Similar to the earlier mode of Runic Powers, this time also we will get amazing powers to use in the game. There are a total of 3 major powers in this new update. Moreover, these powers will have levels associated with them. Thus, you can easily upgrade the power and use various features alongside. The detailed information about the same is present below,

#1 Survivor

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Each power will have three different features that will help you to save yourself from the enemies. The Stealth feature will give you a temporary ghillie suit that can be used to hide from the enemies. Further, the Surveillance feature will create an aura of power that will scan the area. Thus, it will give a reminder whenever enemies come near.

The Breathing Easy feature will act accordingly to recharge your health without getting injured when you have the stealth feature. Therefore, it is quite effective for surviving, especially in high-tier matches.

#2 Guardian

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The next feature on our list is the Guardian effect that does exactly like its name. The Music Barrier power will create a circular shield around you to protect you from the incoming firing. Also, your teammates can also get similar protection. Additional features like Music Conversion will help your allies to charge their energy. The pop Metal feature will significantly decrease the reload time of every gun within the shield.

#3 Hacker Knight

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At last but not least, Hacker Knight power in PUBG Mobile Hundred Rhythms Update will cover any potential risks. The Sonic Scan ability will allow you to detect any hiding enemies is the area. The players have to throw the detector similar to a grenade and it will mark any hiding threats. Once the players are tagged, Encore power helps in gaining HP after killing them.

Sound Burst feature will constantly deal damage to the enemies after shooting them. This is quite useful if you wish to kill a knocked enemy without wasting ammo.

This is all about the PUBG Mobile Hundred Rhythms Update and its various powers. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more gaming updates.

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