PUBG Mobile: All About New 0.19.0 Update Leaks

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PUBG Mobile is crashing every gaming record. Two weeks ago, Season 13 was released in the game along with the update 0.18.0 and was a hit. As players are still busy exploring the new features of the update, we have come across some leaks about the next season.

Yes, the new features have already started surfacing the internet. Just like as they are, here are some the 0.19.0 update leaks that are eye-catching.

New TDM Mode

new pubg mobile update leaks 0.19.0

The leaks have come from a Chinese beta version. The map resounds from a inside library with several compartments connected to each other. This leak was already on the checklist of the developers, but it is very likely to come out in the 0.19.0 update. The new feature being added is that you will gain the weapon of the opponent you kill. This means, everytime you kill an enemy, you will possess a different weapon (based on what enemy was carrying).

A New Bolt Action Sniper

new pubg mobile update leaks 0.19.0

The game reaches a whole new level whenever you play it with a sniper. The developers are constantly working on bringing new weapon to the game. The new bolt-action sniper rifle Mosin Nagant can be the players choice. After it got officially featured in the PC version of game, it can be soon seen in the Mobile version too.

According to the sources, it will be more of an advanced Kar98 with more damage and high firing rate. Currently it uses 7.62 rounds and can destroy your enemies from a distance.

Quick Fire/Scope

new pubg mobile update leaks 0.19.0

As the name suggests, this button will help the players to fire along with scope in in a single tap. This was inspired from COD Mobile and after a long discussion, it is right on the cards to be released in the upcoming update.

Erangel 2.0

new pubg mobile update leaks 0.19.0

It has been ages that Erangel 2.0 is getting its existence on hold. But now the wait is finally over as PUBG has started testing it over several beta versions. Recently four images were uploaded on official platforms of PUBG mobile which eventually joined to look like an Erangel map.

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The update is likely to come out in the second week of July, as the Royale Pass Season 13 ends. Also, stay tuned with us for Season 14 leaks in the coming few days.

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