OnePlus 8 to support Fortnite Epic Game at 90fps

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The Chinese smartphone brand signed a partnership with Fortnite Epic Games to develop the next generation of smartphones. As a result, they declared that the one plus 8 and one plus 8 Pro will be capable of supporting Fortnite at 90 fps. It will make the OnePlus the first smartphone brand to support Fortnite at 90 frames per second.

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Most Android phones run Fortnite at a limit of 60fps, like the Xbox One and PS4 variants of the game. Nintendo's, the Switch, falls behind with a limit of 30 frames for every second.

Most Apple gadgets, including the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, have the alternative to run the game at 60fps. Whereas, the iPad Pro can likewise run the game at a maximum frame rate of 120fps, because of the tablet's high refreshing rate show.

Empowering a higher frame rate on the OnePlus8 and 8Pro will default the graphical settings to "Low," mentioned by GameSpot. Thus, the game won't look better all around. Obviously, the PC variant of Fortnite has the most adaptability as far in the frame rates. However, it relies upon what kind of equipment you have.

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Regardless of whether you play Fortnite Epic Game or not, the way that phones have been making progress in conveying console-like experience is an energizing possibility. Also, the OnePlus 8 smartphone is really offering an exhibition highlight that supports 90 FPS.

It may not run the game with the most extreme graphical devotion, yet in the event, that frame rate and better execution are the things you're pursuing for. OnePlus is by all accounts a promising alternative.

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