PUBG Mobile: 14 Mountain Dew Vending Machine Locations | Get Exclusive Rewards from Mountain Dew Event

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  • Mountain Dew Event in PUBG Mobile.
  • Know all the Mountain Dew Vending Machine Locations.
  • Get exclusive Parachute Skin and Shirt.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most loved games in the gaming community. players always expect their favorite game to come with mew things to keep the heat on. Recently the developers teased a short clip featuring Mountain Dew. This shows the latest collaboration between the two mega-companies. Moreover, PUBG put up a Mountain Dew Event in the game for players to earn rewards. The event will remain active until October 7.

Mountain Dew Vending Machine Locations

Just as we got Vending Machines in the Miramar map, similarly the Mountain Dew Vending Machines will now spawn at specific locations in the game. They have a bright green colour with Mountain Dew logo on the front. They can be easily spotted from a distance and players can use them accordingly.

Top locations to get the Mountain Dew can in PUBG Mobile

  • School
  • Hospital
  • Pochinki
  • Primorsk
  • Kameshki
  • Novo Bridge
  • Water City
  • Rozhok
  • Severny
  • Georgopol City
  • Military Base
  • Lipovka
  • Shooting Range
  • Petrol Pumps

You can read below more about each location to get the Mountain Dew can, also exactly how to spot the vending machine.

Location #1 School

School is one of the best places to get loot. Keeping that in mind, developers put a Mountain Dew Vending Machine at the gate of the Gym. It can be easily spotted while entering School from the front gate.

Location #2 Hospital

If you are a regular PUBG Mobile player, you must have landed at Hospital several times. It is quite near to the Georgopol and players get sufficient loot. Now a Mountain Dew Vending Machine will spawn in the middle of 2 buildings of Hospital.

Location #3 Pochinki

A Mountain Dew Vending Machine is present in the middle of Pochinki. You just have to come on the middle road and get to the machine. Make sure that there is no enemy nearby as you can become an easy target there.

Location #4 Primorsk

There is a Mountain Dew Vending Machine in the open building of Primorsk. You just need to go inside the building to operate the vending machine. It is in cover so you can loot without worrying about getting shot.

Location #5 Kameshki

It is also spawned on the petrol-pump near the edge of Kameshki region. It is on the side of the small building.

Location #6 Novo Bridge

You can find the vending machine at the petrol pump near the Novo bridge in Erangel. This will be on the side of island inside the petrol pump.

Location #7 Water City

It is one of the safest places on the map near Rozhok. A vending machine will now spawn on the road side of water city. You need to be quick while looting as you are expose from all directions.

Location #8 Rozhok

A vending machine can be found placed on the side of a small shack in the area. You need to land on Rozhok or get there with a vehicle after collecting weapons to defend yourself.

Location #9 Severny

Similar to Primorsk, a vending machine is added in the open building of Severny. It can be easily spotted from a distance and get the loot.

Location #10 Georgopol City

The city above the Georgopol also spawns a vending machine. It is present in the middle of road and you can easily get there.

Location #11 Military Base

A vending machine now spawns in the police station near the main C building. It is present at the gate and can be accessed from both sides.

Location #12 Lipovka

Lipovka can now become a hot-drop as a Mountain Dew Vending Machine can now be found in the open building of area. Make sure to go and operate it.

Location #13 Shooting Range

There is a small compound in the shooting range. Players can easily get there to use the vending machine.

Location #14 Petrol Pumps

All the petrol pumps on the map will feature a Mountain Dew Vending Machine. However, it is random and sometimes you might not find one. Keep trying to look for those bright green machines around you.

How to Redeem Rewards from Mountain Dew Event

You need to collect Mountain Dew Cans from the vending machines. They can’t be used like energy drinks to get a boost. Rather you collect them and exchange them for exciting rewards.

Mountain Dew Vending Machine Locations

Here is how to redeem the Mountain Dew cans for exclusive rewards

  • Visit Events
  • Then Theme
  • And Mountain Dew
  • Tap reddem next to rewards

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You can redeem exclusive rewards like Mountain Dew Parachute Skin and Mountain Dew Shirt with 15 Mountain Dew Cans. They can be redeemed for a total of 3 times. Make sure to not miss this chance of getting rewards. Share it with your squad and hunt for vending machines together. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more news and updates.

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