Topson drops out of OGA PIT 2020, Coach Sochshka to be a stand-in

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Following this week the birth of his daughter Taavitsainen, Topson has decided to drop out of the Dota 2 OGA PIT 2020 in order to take care of his family. The coach of OG, Sockshka has agreed to stand-in for him.

The sunflower family got a new addition this past week as Topson's daughter was born into this world. Following every good father's footsteps, Topson has decided to step down from the team for a few days, which will cost him the tournament but not his family life.

Titouan “Sockshka” Merloz

Oga pit 2020 sochshka joining OG

Quoting from the Team OG page,

Socks’ veteran career started as a player in 2011, when he joined Team Shakira alongside some friend of his called 7fkingMad… Ever heard of that guy? Yeah, neither did we.
He joined us after our first TI win in 2018 and has been with us ever since.

When he’s not around helping someone on the team, well… He’s usually around helping someone else. That’s right OGs, you simply can’t find someone as reliable as Sockshka out there.
The team wouldn’t be what it is without someone like him.

He’s now a TI winning coach and an irreplaceable member of the OG fam.
We couldn’t be more blessed to have him as a coach and can’t wait to see where this journey will keep taking us all.

We have not seen his Dota 2 skills, but we do know he is a damn good coach. Let us hope he performs well in the upcoming Dota 2 OGA PIT 2020. Their matches start on the 23rd of September against Alliance.

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