Riot announces Valorant First Strike-their first global esports tournament.

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It has not taken much time for Riot's FPS title Valorant to become a fan favourite and to make it thrive more in the competitive scenario, devs have decided to announce Valorant First Strike, Riot's first global esports tournament.

Valorant First Strike

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On 23rd September, Riot dev Whalen "Magus" Rozelle announced First Strike, their first global tournament, also mentioning the dates, eligibility, and zones where the competition will take place.

"Today we are thrilled to announce the first major VALORANT esports tournament - First Strike. This event will crown the first regional champions for the game, allowing players and teams to showcase their greatness through merit-based qualifiers that will culminate in multiple regional finals in December."

- Whalen Rozelle,

Senior Director of Global Esports, Riot Games.

Eligibility for Valorant First Strike

Any Valorant player who is above the age of sixteen and has a rank of at least Immortal 1 is generally eligible to play in the qualifiers. Regional qualifiers are set to start in the second half of October, while the finals are set to happen between 3rd and 6th December.

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Regions which can take part in First Strike

  • North America
  • Europe
  • CIS
  • Turkey
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Brazil
  • Middle East

The top eight squads from each region will battle for the title of "The Best" in the Finals. Also, this whole competition will be online and not offline, due to the travel restrictions for Covid-19.

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"Competitive integrity remains our number one priority; during the past six months we’ve collaborated closely with the VALORANT anti-cheat team to identify, investigate, and respond to any suspicious behavior and continue to do so both during the qualifiers and the finals. " said Magus.

With this tournament, the devs want to take a step further in the competitive scenario and give their FPS title a major boost. They are already trying to balance out the agents as well as improve other aspects as well. But First Strike is definitely a huge leap and if they keep on delivering their promises, it will undoubtedly be the best tac shooter in no time.

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