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The new Monster Truck in the exclusive Livik Map is hitting hard for the players. Everyone seems to pretty much enjoying this new ride in the game. After almost 15 days of its release, majority of the players are still unaware about the exact mechanics of this vehicle.

In this article, we are going to unleash Everything You Need to Know about Monster Truck in PUBG Mobile.

Why is it Introduced?

Livik Map is basically the hybrid of all the existing maps in the game. It holds a special place among its companions due to its unique terrain and solid rocks. We got snow near the Hot Springs, sloppy mountains near the Midstein, uneven obstacles at Power Plant, and a lot more than the expectations.

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This amazing design of Livik Map was on of its kind. Traveling with the usual vehicles on the map could prove to be a nightmare. To solve the problem, developers came with the idea of introducing a new vehicle on the map- The Monster Truck. This vehicle is only available on Livik, but who knows we might see it rumbling in other maps like Erangel or Miramar in the future.

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Reasons to Ride Monster Truck

This truck has a huge engine that enables it to climb steep mountains and valleys. It provides more efficiency in handling as compared to the traditional cars in the game. Those enormous tires serve the purpose to overcome any obstacle on the way. Moreover, the vehicle won’t take much damage due to collision as it is completely protected by the tires.

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Talking about killing enemies, you can definitely knock the hiding snakes (enemies) by rolling over them. During the fight, they can be used as a cover and has more HP than any other vehicle in the game. It also floats on water, but still unable to move in it.

Weaknesses of Monster Truck

Even Superman has his weakness- Kryptonite, so do this truck! Monster Truck is not an ideal choice for stealth attacks. This giant can never be ignored if it’s moving in the terrain. Even if somehow enemies are unable to spot it, the loud noise of the engine will definitely grab their attention. It is recommended that you don't use it in the final few circles.

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Although big tires improve handling, but they decrease the stability of the Monster Truck. On high speed, it might roll over in some situations. Moreover, the passenger compartment at the back is totally exposed. It won’t be difficult for your enemies to knock some of the teammates from there. You have to be extremely careful while driving it.

Spawning Location in Livik Map

Unlike any other vehicle, Monster Truck don’t spawn in the garages. Rather you will find them parked alongside the roads of Livik map. Talking about the locations, they are not fixed and change randomly.

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But still, some places where you can find them easily are

  • Power Plant
  • Aqueduct
  • Blomster
  • Gronhus

This vehicle is new for the community and will take time to settle down in the meta. Don’t forget to mention your experiences with the Monster Truck in the comment section below.

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