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The exclusive Livik Map was released in the latest 0.19.0 update. Make sure to read 5 amazing techniques to get the Chicken Dinner.

PUBG Mobile introduced Livik Map, available for the players in both ranked and unranked modes. Being the smallest map of game (2km x 2km), the gameplay is highly tensed. This map sets a new pace for getting the chicken dinner. This never seen map has unique terrain that makes players confused about their surroundings. We bring to you 5 Tips to Get Chicken Dinner on this brand-new map.

Adequate Jumping Distance

Getting chicken dinner on livik map

The most important part of survival is the perfect landing. While playing other classic maps, you should jump around 800 meters from the drop location. But in the case of Livik, you have jump late due to its small size. The most effective time to jump is when you are about 400 meters from your point. Utilise the maximum speed to land faster than your enemies

Choosing Landing Spots

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The total match time is only 15 minutes in Livik. You will not have much time before the circle starts moving. You can’t ignore the safe zone as it will keep on shrinking, eventually you will loose your health. It is recommended that you land at the central parts of the map to avoid running for zone. You will get enough loot there and can be inside zone for longer time.

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Looting AirDrops

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The best weapons in the game are present in the AirDrops. You have to be very carefull before you plan to loot any one of them. Enemies can easily spot you in this 2km x 2km map. Moreover firing flare guns can be a suicidal strategy. Make sure that you have enough cover and ammo to defend your drop.

Prefer the Foot

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It’s very rare that you would require a vehicle to get to the zone. The matches are also tensed in this area due to more loot and less area. Getting a vehicle will attract unwanted attention of enemies. Keep yourself pinned to the edge of zone and start rotating when you have to proceed to the next zone.

Avoid Using Monster Truck

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Players are excited to drive this new vehicle- Monster Truck in the Livik map. This truck seems to look like a bulky vehicle that will protect you from enemies. But if you are planning for a chicken dinner, this vehicle will not be a good choice. The big wheels can pass over rocks, but makes it difficult to handle.

Only prefer it when there is no other option to get into the zone. A better approach would be keeping a UAZ with you. It is safer and protects you from the bullets.

All these tips will definitely prove to be beneficial and increase your chances of getting chicken dinner on Livik Map. Comment down below to tell us that whether you did a chicken on this new map?

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