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Players all over the world seem to remain always excited about PUBG Mobile. This game is not only about getting chicken dinners, but you can also push your rank in a higher tier. Many players love to brag about their achievements to their friends. One of the toughest achievements to acquire is “Sharpshooter” where you have to kill 3 enemies consecutively with a headshot in a single match. This is among the trickiest ones to accomplish until you are a pro player. Also, luck plays an important role along with skills. Don't worry, as always, we got your back. Follow these simple tips and tricks and claim the hardest achievement in PUBG Mobile, the Sharpshooter.

If we talk about PUBG Mobile, each match is so tensed and it’s really hard to get a scenario where you can get 3 consecutive kills by a headshot. Sometimes you miss the shot due to the enemy’s movement and don’t hit the head. Also, you might engage in close-combats as you will draw attention of the nearby players. Undoubtedly, this is the hardest title to get along with your name.

claim hardest achievement sharpshooter pubg

So, here we are with some tips to help you gain the title of “Sharpshooter” in the game. This will save you from spending hours to unlock it.

#1 Drop Location

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For this trick to work, you have to wisely choose the map you are landing on, smaller maps like Sanhok will eventually make it harder to get those kills. Try going for large maps like Miramar or Erangel as you will survive longer in these. I personally recommend you to do it in Miramar as there are more places to loot without engaging in unnecessary battles. Depending on the zone, you must fix your drop location and the area you are going to loot. Locations like Water Treatment, Al Azahar, Impala, etc. in Miramar. Similarly, the places to drop in Erangel are Mansion, Shooting Range, or School.

While parachuting down, try to locate a vehicle nearby as you will need to rotate once you get the desired sniper. This way you can move quickly before the circle closes in.

#2 Choice of Weapon

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As we all are aware of less damage rate on Win94, so it will be better to ignore this gun. Finding a stronger sniper rifle will be a good choice. Also, make sure you have an AR as a secondary gun to avoid getting killed in a close battle. Loot properly and rush towards the vehicle to leave the place. Moreover, if you are lucky you will find a bot in the mentioned places.

It’s time to decide a place to hide, use high areas within the zone to wait for the players.

#3 Attracting Bots

claim hardest achievement sharpshooter pubg

Once you are in a vehicle, drive to your marked location. On the way, you will gradually attract bots towards you. Moreover, you should not get your vehicle around the crowded areas as you don’t want to be under the radar of enemies. Go to the safe area without getting spotted and wait there. During this time, all the bots that you attracted on the way will head towards you. Bots get idle in the middle of the field and hence becomes an easy target.

Getting "Sharpshooter" Title

However, you have to ensure that there is atleast a gap of 50 meters between you and the target. This is where the ‘Enemies ahead’ marker comes into action. After you get the desired distance, aim at their head, and shoot with a sniper. You can even prone to get more stability while shooting.

If everything goes as per the plan, you will claim the hardest achievement in PUBG Mobile, the “Sharpshooter” by the time you complete the match. No doubt, it might take you some grinding before the final act. But remember, ‘Patience is the Key to Success’.

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