PUBG Mobile: How To Complete The “Eat Jungle Food” Mission

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You need to complete several missions in each RP season of PUBG Mobile. This week we have many new missions in the RP section of the game. Many PUBG players are confused about the ‘Eat Jungle Food 10 times in Tribe mode's mission. This mission is quite new for everyone but will award you 50 points for royale pass.

Players can’t find anything named as Tribe Mode in any of the existing maps in the game. So the question arises, how to complete the mission.

No worries at all, we got your back and compiled all the details your require. Make sure to read the full article to complete the “Eat Jungle Food” mission.

Select the Map- Sanhok

The first thing you need to do is to play the Sanhok map available in the classic section of the game. Actually, the tribe mode here is referred to as Jungle Adventure Mode that recently rolled out in the global version.

Collect Jungle Food

eat jungle food pubg

The next step is to hunt for special jungle food. It looks similar to red apples that can be found laying on the ground throughout the map. Also, you can collect them from the enemy’s crate. These are not available on any map other than Sanhok.

Complete “Eat Jungle Food” PUBG Mission

You can clearly see in the mission section that you have to eat jungle food 10 times. Hence, you must collect atleast 10 food items that are mandatory to eat. In order to consume it, open your bag pack and tap on the eat button. Moreover, you can also eat it from the utility menu on the screen.

Once you execute the task, the reward will automatically get unlocked in your account.

Effects of Food

The trick in this whole process is quite interesting. After eating the Jungle Food, it can either have a positive or a negative effect on you. For instance, it can give you a boost or might make you sick which will eventually decrease your health. So, it’s better to consume it when there are fewer chances of getting into combat.

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