PUBG Mobile: Tips to Survive in The Last Circle

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PUBG has become the leading game in the battlefield sections. Everyone tried to get to the last circle and earn the chicken dinner for their squad. The earlier stages of the game are less tensed as compared to the last zone. So, here we are with some tips to survive in the last circle that aids you to have a better survival rate.

Scanning the Area

It’s really important that you are aware of your locations and possible hideouts of the enemies. Preferably, use a scope to inspect the area left in the last zone. Many times enemies are hiding behind the trees, rocks, bushes, etc. They will have a better position if the zone lands in an open area. Try to knock a few of them so that you have more time to execute your further strategies.


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Elements like Frag grenades, Molotovs, Stun grenades, Smoke grenades are some of the throwables that you must have in your bag pack at all times. Smokes and Frags are the most important ones and try to have at least three of them.

Moreover, in case there is no cover or you have to rotate in an open field, smokes will act as a visual barrier for the opponents. You can easily move without getting spotted easily.


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You must keep your health bar at 100% before entering the last circle. Keep yourself fully boosted using Energy drinks, Painkillers, and Adrenalin syringes. Ensure that you have enough of First aids and bandages in case you want to heal after the combat.

Avoid Looting

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If you are focussed on winning, then you must learn that the last circle is all about surviving. All the above-mentioned consumables must be looted prior to the last zone. Don’t waste your time looking for scopes or ammo in the final few circles. It will alert other enemies that are already waiting for you.

Shoot to Kill

This is a major mistake that many players do. They fire un-necessarily at the enemies behind the cover. It will reveal your location to other opponents and you might get shot from a different angle. If you are not sure about the kill, don’t try to shoot.

Less Movements

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As already mentioned, you don’t want to be spotted soon in the last circle. Don’t run too much in the zone as it will attract attention. Stay low and steady to have a better chance of surprising your enemy. Also, laying low in the dense grass will hide you from the enemies.

Have Teammates

In case you are playing squads, make sure you have your teammates got your back. Ask them to give you cover fire in case you are rushing at enemies. Moreover, spread out in the area to avoid getting killed by a single grenade. Enemies will not be able to keep a track of every player and will get confused.

Blend in Surroundings


Every PUBG map has its own colour and background. You don’t want to get noticed by enemies in the last zone. It means you must avoid wearing shiny outfits that will make it difficult to blend in surroundings. It is recommendable that you wear clothes according to the map. Moreover, having a ghillie suit in the last zone is the best outfit you could have asked for.

  • Erangel: Use brown and dark skins
  • Miramar: Use yellow and orange skins
  • Sanhok: Use green and blue skins
  • Vikendi: Use white and grey skins

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