All About PUBG Mobile Domination Mode

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PUBG Mobile has once again got a mode that's already available in Call of Duty: Mobile. For starters, this new Domination Mode is a split between 2 teams as a 4v4 Red vs Blue match. The map in this mode consists of 3 bases, the first team to conquer 2 bases wins. Once bases are activated in this mode, players have to hurry up and occupy them until they are able to acquire the bases. Super Weapon Crates will be at your disposal during the match. The all-new Town map will be used in this mode.

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This mode is very similar to that found in Call of Duty: Mobile. Besides a new Limited Time Mode is already available on Call of Duty: Mobile called Snipers Only Challenge. In this mode, players will spawn with only sniper rifles to fight with as the name suggests.

In the older Limited Time Mode Gun Game solo mode, this mode is specially designed for teams. However, it's not compulsory to have your friends on board to play this mode. You can go solo to be matched with other players from your team.

PUBG Sniper Only Challenge

In the Snipers Only Challenge players will have only 10 minutes in each match. The team that is able to make 40 kills or frags the fastest wins in this mode. Players are provided with either the DL Q33 or the Arctic .50.

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There is no need for the Players to possess guns in their inventory for this mode. Players have an option to choose and customize their own load-outs for this mode like other modes. This can be done before players spawn in the main game. Players will have to make sure that they hit their target as quickly as possible for the bolt-action rifles have longer load time between bullets. Headshots are most recommended in this mode to be more productive.

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