PUBG Mobile Guide For Noobs #1 (Free UC And Tips)

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Are you a new (or a shitty) PUBG player and want to improve your game? Are you looking for free UC to get free RP and some epic new skins? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. I, being a noob myself, have gone through every PUBG tips and tricks article there is. I have practiced my ass off in training just so I could write this PUBG TIPS AND FREE UC series for people like me who are struggling to survive for more than 10 minutes in a classic game (Hang on, bear with me till the end of the article for the free RP). In this first PUBG Tips article, I will be talking about Play Styles, what they mean, and which one you follow. Playstyles are the most important aspect of PUBG and these decide where you drop, what guns you use, and what tactics you apply. Keep reading for some amazing PUBG TIPS AND FREE UC.

According to studies by various game creators, players have been categorized into 4 different play styles which include KILLERS, ACHIEVERS, EXPLORERS, and SOCIALIZERS. But since this is not a scientific study, I’ll be classifying playstyles as ‘AGGRESSIVE’, ‘NEUTRAL’, and ‘PASSIVE’. Now I will talk about them in detail and explain what these mean.  After reading you should be able to realize what kind of a player you are and what items you should carry to increase your survival chance.


This is the riskiest and the most demanding playstyle. This is the literal version of the expression ‘Go all guns blazing’. Basically this playstyle is all about landing in the hottest of drops like Pochinki, Sosnokova, Paradise Park, Bootcamp, Cosmodrome, etc. You land, you find a gun, and then fight to survive as soon as you land. No chill from the moment the game starts. If you survive the initial drop then you go around with a bloodlust, looking for people to engage. As soon as you see someone, you fire without thinking about tactics and stuff like that. You don’t care for how many enemies there are, you just go in and shoot.


This requires the best aim and best dodging skills which I will be covering in another article. If you have an aggressive playstyle you should consider carrying 2 ARs, plenty of meds (5-6 First Aid, 4-5 Energy Drinks and 2-3 Painkillers), some extra ammo for spraying and should stay around the center of the zone to attract more fights.

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This is an example of the stats of a good aggressive player


People following this style can either have totally chill games, moderately aggressive games, or fully aggressive games. There is no telling. Therefore this is the most unpredictable playstyle and is the most common. This involves dropping in moderately safer drops like Rhozok, Yasnaya, Khao, Camp Charlie, etc. Overall the drops mainly depend on the position of the plane and what becomes the hot drops. At the drop site, other people may or may not land, you may or may not have to fight. After the initial drop, you follow a path to the zone unbothered about other fights or you may decide to step in the third party fights. Generally, you think about backup and other tactics. You like having long-range sniper battles and enjoy some close one on one action once in a while.


Requires moderate aiming skill and patience. If you have a neutral playstyle consider carrying an AR and a bolt action sniper with a moderate amount of meds (3-4 First Aids, 3-4 Drinks and 1-2, Painkillers), should hurry into the zone to not take zone damage.  

Stats of a good neutral player.


The safest and the easiest play style, little to no skill involved. You drop at the corner of the map at some unnamed place and go from hut to hut scavenging for loot and avoiding as many fights as possible. At the first sight of a fight, you go prone and move around like little snakes, camping and cheekily taking jabs at unsuspecting players.


You are pretty slimy and no one likes you in real life as well. You should consider carrying 1 LMG(DP etc.) and 1 sniper rifle, few meds, and should also consider helping your teammates in a fight instead of running away like a little baby. Carry extra boosters to help counter the zone damage you take while slowly entering the zone from afar and distant land. Search for vehicles as soon as you land.

Stats of a snake

So, these are the three basic play styles and I am sure you must have figured out what kind of a player you are. I recommend choosing a playstyle according to your needs of the moment, for example, if your squad dies and you are the only one left, there is no harm in playing passive. Or if you have a great squad you can go full aggressively. I have given the tips to the best of my knowledge but in the end, it all depends on you and what kind of a player you are. So, if you liked this PUBG TIPS AND FREE UC article, stay tuned for more.

I will be explaining more about the weapons and survival tactics in other posts so be sure to check those out. Also, join our discord server and hit me up if you have any queries regarding the playstyles. You can add me on PUBGm as well (CottonCandy420) if you want to chill and get some dubs. Check out more stuff like this on our website and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

P.S. I lied about the free RP, no such thing exists. SIKE! Never trust everything a stranger says. You can trust us on the guide part though.

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