PUBG Mobile Guide For Noobs #2 (FREE RP AND TIPS)

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Hi there fellow noobs,

Welcome to the second part of this amazing PUBG guide. If you haven’t already checked out the first part, make sure to give it a read because I will be using certain terms here that I defined in that article. Now that you have figured out what your play-style is, we will move on to dropping/landing and looting tips to make your gameplay even better. I will be giving out a trick for getting a free premium RP in the end so make sure you stick around.

This part is mainly focused on some general landing tips and I will also be discussing landing and looting in Erangel, the most popular PUBG Mobile map. So stay tuned.

General Tips For Landing

After matchmaking, you are initially put on a spawn island where you have to wait for anywhere between 1 min to 20-25sec before you are put on the plane. Here, instead of wasting your time running around and randomly punching people, you should open up the map and see the path that the plane will follow. After that, you should talk to your teammates and decide on an acceptable landing point based on the path of the plane. Once decided, place a waypoint and see the distance and whether it is possible to land in that spot. Every map has a different distance than you can travel before landing and I will talk more on that later.

pubg tips landing looting
Plane Route as seen in Spawn Island.

Then, once you are on the plane, jump as soon as you reach the maximum possible distance you can travel from the place you want to land. For eg, in Erangel you can comfortably travel about 1600m in a free fall without opening your parachute. This way you can ensure that you reach the spot really fast and before other players who jump late. This way when they land, you are already equipped with weapons and armor and you can take them out pretty quickly.

Now the question that arises is; where do I land and what loot do I get in that area?

(Before I answer this, make sure that you have read my previous article so you know what I am talking about. Read here.)

Landing Spots, Loot Hotspots And Tips For Erangle

I’ll be covering Erangel drop spots and loot in this article, I will be releasing drop guides of other maps soon so be sure to check them out.

pubg tips landing looting
Erangel Map

1: Hot Drop Spots with the Sweetest Loot in Erangle

  1. Sosnovka Military Base
  2. Novorepnoye
  3. Pochinki
  4. Georgopol  
  5. School

2: Neutral Spots with Okayish Loot

  1. Rhozok
  2. Yasnaya
  3. Prison
  4. Lipovka
  5. Farm
  6. Shelter

3. For Passive Players

Land anywhere you want, nobody cares about you.

Now, the thing about Erangel is that when compared to other maps, the loot is shit. If you do not land in one of the hot drops/neutral drops, chances are you will be stuck in the final circle with nothing but level 1 armor/helmet and an Uzi. But since it is not feasible for noobs like me and you to actually drop in spots like those, what to do?

pubg tips landing looting
Entering base after initial drop

My Tip

I recommend that you guys initially drop in a comparatively safer drop, something like Gatka or Mylta or the water town next to Rhozok. After looting these places proceed to find a vehicle and then visit whatever good loot spots are out of the circle. See the thing is, the dominating squad at a hot drop will loot whatever they want and then they will leave the place to enter the zone/ find other players to kill. But even if 3 squads loot a good drop spot, still there is enough loot to support 3-4 more squads. So you should take advantage of this and visit these drop spots after the tryhards leave them.

Don’t worry about zone damage, the zone damage of the first 2-3 zones is comparable to nothing, just keep popping bandages and boosters and you should be fine. After you gear up, enter the circle and do whatever you normally do(except getting killed of course). Also, do not bother going for airdrops until you can honestly call yourself a mediocre player.

Squad Houses in unnamed places in Erangel have pretty shit loot unlike maps like Sanhok and Vikendi, so do not drop in random corners of the map hoping to get good loot.

 I will be explaining more about the weapons and survival tactics in other posts so be sure to check those out. Also, join our discord server and hit me up if you have any queries regarding the playstyles. You can add me on PUBG mobile as well (CottonCandy420) if you want to chill and get some dubs.

P.S. - About the FREE RP AND TIPS, you guys fell for it again? No such thing as free RP folks. Jaago Grahak Jaago.

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