TI10 Battle Pass Side Shop back after heavy backlash from Dota 2 players

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Valve's new Side Shop boasts similar characteristics to Dota Underlords, where you can roll, buy, bench, and sell heroes. Combining these multi-tier starred heroes gives players diamonds after being sold. In turn, these diamonds can be sold for exclusive rewards such as cosmetic skins and even Immortal treasures.

Once Valve decided to deprecate the chances of higher-tier heroes received upon rolling, they ultimately removed the Side Shop out of existence. Crazy right? Well, it turns out a lot of players from the loyal fan-base complained and requested it is brought back. Fortunately enough, it finally returned to the Battle Pass. The only problem was it couldn't normally be accessed through the Battle Pass interface. Classic Valve!

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Player's Side Shop and Bench
Player's Side Shop and Bench

Along with the new update a few other changes were made to the Battle Pass which made it more effective for its owners. Valve decided to return all the gold and gems spent from the Side Shop. They also added a 'Rollback' ability to give back the original 'benched heroes' that players possessed before the previous update. They also added a feature where players can obtain gold from recycling extra Immortal Treasures.

Side Shop Rewards
Side Shop Rewards

How to attain Side Shop gold?

  1. Through timely rewards by gaining higher levels in the Battle Pass.

  2. By completing guild challenges with your guild teammates.

  3. By recycling duplicates immortal treasures.

  4. Winning Gauntlet matches and advancing to the next tier.

All in all, Valve decided to take this year's Dota 2 Battle Pass up another notch by including three brand new exclusive Arcanas, two mysterious Personas, and an additional Cavern Crawl map. As a result, players aren't holding back.

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