PUBG Mobile: Beat the Cheer Park Shooting Range

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What is Cheer Park Shooting Range?

All the players are hyped about the latest PUBG Mobile update. We received many new features in the game, adding a lot more fun in the game. Cheer Park is being loved among the players. Shooting Range in Cheer Park is like a new training arena. Players need to shoot targets in a limited time by any gun they like. The top three players having the most number of kills are displayed on the screen with their in-game name.

Okay gamers, let's see how you can get the maximum point in Cheer Park Shooting Range.

Pick the Best Weapons

cheer park shooting range

The most vital tactic for getting a good score is grabbing the best weapon combo for the same. AR guns like Aug, M416, AKM, Groza are some of the high DPS guns in the game. You can choose them as per your convenience. Don’t forget to ger all the attachments for your guns as they will make it more stable and powerful. This will help you to take down targets faster than normal.

Also, you can keep a strong sniper rifle or even a bolt-action gun like Kar98, SLR, Mini-14 for long ranged targets.

Prone Reduces Recoil

cheer park shooting range

Every PUBG player knows that recoil makes it difficult to control the gun. You can prone to reduce the recoil action of weapon with increasing the accuracy of the bullets. As this is shooting range, you can prone or crouch without any fear of enemies hitting you back.

Have Weapon Sets

As you have limited time to get as many targets as you can, you need to be efficient. Try to grab a SMG or AR for close targets. Using guns like AWM or M24 will cost you more time. No doubt they have huge damage effect, but the reloading time after each shot will eventually reduce your effectiveness. Rather you can use sniper rifles like SLR, SKS and MK14 to avoid reloading time.

Go for Headshots

cheer park shooting range

Aiming at the target heads will give them more damage. Try to get those heads in closer targets as far ones are trickier to execute. Moreover, as the time passes, targets will start moving with faster pace. So scoring in initial stages is far easy.

Practice Practice Practice

cheer park shooting range

Unless you are a pro player, getting good scores in the first few matches will not be easy. Experience will play an important role for getting the scores. Keep practicing these matches and soon will get used to the conditions. You will observer changes in your technique and eventually you will hit a high score. Don’t forget to mention your best scores in the comments section below.

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