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As per the statement, this new series, 'Dosti Ka Naya Maidan', will describe stories of PUBG Mobile players from different walks of life. Each episode will focus on a fresh story filled up with “amazing stores”, determination, and grit to combat personal challenges, new friendships, and more. The company will focus on PUBG Mobile as a platform to discover and meet agreeing or like-minded people or friends. In fact, PUBG Corp believes that a larger number of PUBG Mobile fans will resonate with the original series. “Dosti ka Naya Maidan” is also likely the “first” original web series in the Indian gaming market meant for the gaming community.

dosti ka naya maidan

The company claims that players may meet their old friends while playing the game. In addition, this web series is an attempt to bring such instances to life. If you are interested in catching the web episodes then head to PUBG Mobile Indian Official YouTube channel soon. PUBG Corp claims that over a million users have viewed the teaser of the web series.

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We've all been there, haven't we?

You invite them into the lobby, you plan in the spawn island, you follow your squad, you loot together, you spot together, you hitch a ride together. Then you get ambushed, you defend together, you fight together, you get knocked out, revived, share your medkits and ammo, and move zone to zone. Together.

What is PUBG MOBILE, without our epic friendships? And now, we decide to bring those epic, unforgettable stories of friendship on the big screen, for the first time together, to watch with your friends.

This Christmas, releasing on PUBG MOBILE India Official YouTube Channel, five heartwarming stories to welcome the holiday season, five webisodes of friendship and masti, so grab your popcorns!

Made with love, by the PUBG MOBILE India team.

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