PUBG Mobile Season 18 Vehicle Skin Leaks

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There is no doubt in the fact that PUBG Mobile Season 18 is going to be amazing. Also, the players will be getting some amazing outfits and gun skins. Here are some Vehicle Skin leaks that we can find in the upcoming Royal Pass.

Vehicles are one of the most important items in the PUBG Mobile. In case you want to get to the Safe Zone or escape the Red Zone, vehicles will get you there. Also, you can fire at enemies and chase them while sitting in a UAZ. Hence, Vehicle Skins will make your boring Dacia or Bike look fresh and new. Therefore, here are the 6 Vehicle Skins that we can see in PUBG Mobile Season 18.

#1 Amazing Journey UAZ

UAZ skin of PUBG mobile season 18

The first vehicle skin that we will see in PUBG Mobile Season 18 is this UAZ skin. This is made to look similar to the fruit basket that you take while picnic. So, nothing could be better than a picnic of Chicken Dinner!

#2 Red Panda Dacia

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This is a debatable name for the Dacia skin as it doesn't look like a panda. Some players treat it like a raccoon or dog. Hence, this skin is all about chasing your enemies and finishing them.

#3 Carrot Fanatic Dacia

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This skin can be seen in the Royal Pass but we are not quite yet sure. Moreover, a bunny eating carrots on the hoods looks amazing. Players can easily hide their car in bushes due to the green color.

#4 Fluorescent Jesterette Motorcycle

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No doubt that this bike skin is the most colorful vehicle on the list. The bike looks bold in fluorescent shades of purple and green. This skin will most probably come in the crates and players will have to spend UC.

#5 Lady Butterfly Motorcycle

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Here comes the bike skin which has high chances of becoming a part of Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile Season 18. Make sure that you buy the RP in order to get your hands on this classic vehicle skin.

#6 Fever Cassette Motorcycle

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At last but not least, The Fever Cassette Motorcycle skin is quite similar to the earlier Glacier skin. Hence, it would even look better in the Vikendi Map.

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