Valorant to nerf Stinger & Frenzy, dev confirms

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  • Stinger & Frenzy are the new meta due to the recent Rifle's 'Run & Gun' nerf.
  • Several players have been demanding Frenzy and Stinger nerf.
  • Valorant dev has confirmed that Frenzy and Stinger nerf is coming.

Rifles in Valorant were nerfed in the last patch 2.02, to be less accurate while moving. After the Rifle nerf, the Valorant community has caught on to the SMG Stinger and Frenzy because of their comparatively low movement inaccuracy. The SMG and Frenzy have started being used in professional matches to the point that it has become the new meta.

Players demand Frenzy and Stinger nerf

The SMG has also started being used against Rifles sometimes. Several professional players have criticized it due to its Run and Gun aspect.

Valorant dev confirms Frenzy and Stinger nerf

Valorant's  Nicholas Wu Smith confirmed on Twitch about the upcoming nerf to Stinger. He said, "Range is something I’ve hopefully tuned properly for the Stinger. We’ll see that in the next patch. I’m excited for everyone’s opinion on it." He also said that the price of Stinger is being increased.

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While the Range and Price are being nerfed, movement inaccuracy will remain the same for Stinger and Frenzy because they are meant to better "on the run".

While speaking about the Run and Gun aspect of the two guns, he said "No plans for running accuracy of SMGs. Generally speaking SMGs and the Frenzy are going to be better on the run than other weapons. Whether they’re too effective right now is something I’m still looking at and trying to understand."

"It’s a tough balance when these weapons are meant to be pretty effective at that particular thing that is frustrating people. It is a level of efficacy that I’m trying to understand and tune back to a point where it still feels good in moments, but it doesn’t feel as frustrating. But it’s going to be frustrating no matter what.”

The TLDR is that the Range of Stinger and Frenzy is getting nerfed, but there are no plans about their movement accuracy nerf.

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