PUBG Mobile: Everything About The Guncraft Tinkerer Event

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The PUBG officials never fail to make this game more appealing to the players. They keep on constantly adding new features and events in the game itself. These new events not only provide special rewards, but also keep the players indulged. The latest event going in PUBG mobile is the Guncraft Tinkerer. If you have still not completed it, here’s everything about the event.

What is Guncraft Tinkerer Event?

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This event was recently launched in the game where you have to collect a certain amount of points to get rewards including AG and Crate Coupons. You can further utilise them to get more items in the shop. Also, you will earn special utilities that will be useful for the guncraft firearm where players can customise skins of their favourite weapon.

How does the event work?

As every ther event of the game, you have to complete a set of missions to earn points. These points are further helpful in unlocking rewards present in the game. You can earn 10 points and 100BP by just logging in the game daily.

When all the players around the globe achieve a particular point tier, the next level of rewards in open to be collected.

What rewards we get?

The event includes the items like paint and other guncraft materials that are used in guncraft firearm. This will allow you to generate new skins for the weapons in the later time.

What is Guncraft Firearm?

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There are numerous skins in the game for your weapons and other items. But in Guncraft Firearm, you can create your own skin for any weapon. This feature is located in the Workshop section on the main menu. You can select from several textures, colours, and stickers that can be applied on your weapon. This will provide a brand new look to the weapon you are using.

Players can reveal their creative side and give a unique look to their gun. But, only limited amount of textures will be available. You have to spend the in-game currencies to get access to the whole section of premium items.

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