PUBG New State pre-registration started: Here's all you need to know

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PUBG New State pre-registration started: Here's all you need to know: Today, Krafton has announced the pre-registration of their new battle royale game called PUBG: New State in India. Earlier, this battle-royale title has been available for pre-registration in other countries. Today, Krafton has officially announced the game to be launched in India.

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Pre-registration Of PUBG New State

Intrested players can visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for PUBG: New State to pre-register the game. By pre-registering, they will be notified about the arrival of the game. User's having a Wi-Fi facility can opt for an automatic installation option after pre-registration.

Although the name of the title is similar to PUBG Mobile, the whole environment differs a lot. Players will enjoy a new game based on a battle royale theme with futuristic weapons, advanced vehicles, and options. PUBG New State features a new map named Troi, featuring new weapons and vehicles, which differs from the cars and weapons in PUBG Mobile Global version and BGMI.

Another additional feature in the game is that players will have a customization feature, enabling them to modify their weapons within a match by using attachments. As the guns differ a lot from those in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, it can be speculated that weapons will have different recoil patterns

The main reason behind the delay of PUBG New State was Battlegrounds Mobile India. Like last year, Krafton is not getting approval for the game's relaunch; they have to rename the game as Battlegrounds Mobile India. After the Android and iOS launch of BGMI, Krafton has officially launched the game PUBG New State, with its popular battle royale name- PUBG. The crystal clear information about the game will be available after its official launch.

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