Valorant teases new map Fracture, here are 7 things we know about it

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Valorant teases new map Fracture, here is all we know: We are almost at the end of the Valorant Episode III Act 1 with only a week remaining. In the new Act 2, we are going to get a new map called 'Fracture' which will be released on September 8, 2021. Since only a week remains to the release date, Valorant has started teasing it. Two brand new teasers were revealed today. The new teasers give us further insights into what we can expect from the new and the 7th Valorant map, Fracture.

Here is your recap: Canyon to Fracture

First up, you should know what has already been revealed or leaked about the upcoming Valorant map Fracture (codenamed Canyon).

Release Date8 September 2021
Plant Sites2 (Read more about it here)
Map DescriptionA top-secret experiment site split apart by a radianite fueled disaster. Flip the script on attackers with aggressive defender positioning on a new dual biome map.

If you want to know all that was revealed in the last teaser, here is your article. I had also theorized that this map could be the centre of the Valorant universe, but these new teasers have rejected my theory. Alright, let's jump onto the new stuff.

The Fracturing bullet

This new teaser was uploaded on all social channels of Valorant. It has a golden bullet Fracturing into pieces and then Purple Energy comes out of it. Although the colour scheme suggests that it has something to do with Astra, I am pretty sure that it is a teaser for the new map Fracture. This could have been a great teaser only if the name of the 7th Valorant map (Fracture) was not leaked.

The last teaser image also had this string that said, 'Disintegrate'. So, the name of the map, Fracture, could be literally relevant to the lore, but we still don't know how. What is your theory around this? Let us know in the comments below.

A first person view from Fracture map

This new Fracture map teaser is the most recent one. It seems to be an inside view of the new map. It looks very similar to the central part of the previous teaser image that we got and could be from the same location.

Valorant teases new map Fracture, here are 7 things we know about it

Why is Blue Energy leaking from the center of the new map Fracture?

The map description says, 'A top-secret experiment site split apart by a radianite fueled disaster ', and if you look closely in the second teaser, the roof above has a hole in it and seems to have been torn and not been made on purpose.

So, it is clear that the experiment caused radianite to shoot a beam of energy towards the sky, which was so powerful that it tore the roof of the facility.

The new Act will also bring a new skin lineup in collaboration with ZEDD, a new battlepass, along with the new map Fracture.

What's new in Valorant Episode III Act 2

To sum it up:

  • New map Fracture
  • ZEDD Valorant skins
  • New Battlepass
    • Varnish, Nitro, and Artisan skins

The new Valorant map Fracture is to be released on 8 September 2021. That's barely a week from now, and we are going to see a lot of teasers. I will keep breaking them down, so stay tuned with us. Also, what is your theory on the new and 7th Valorant map Fracture? Do let us know in the comments below.

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