PUBG PC Update 7.2 Patch Notes

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PUBG PC Patch note 7.2

PUBG PC Update Overview

PUBG PC update 7.2 patch note is probably the biggest update coming up. It is currently put on the test servers and will make its way to the live servers in a couple of days.
This PUBG PC update has a huge amount of stuff that changes the way you play PUBG. We will see not only the matchmaking changes but some weapon resembles as well.

PUBG PC Update 7.2 matchmaking changes

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Bots have been slowly making their way into every PUBG platform from the mobile, console, and now to PC, in this PUBG PC update. Precisely, there are going to be only two kinds of bots. Firstly, the bots for players who are very new to the game which are more like free kills. Secondly, the bots which resemble real players or can shoot with movement.

Ranked mode is here

Say goodbye to the survival mode because the long awaited ranked mode is here. Main features of ranked mode are as follows:

  • You will find a maximum of 64 players only.
  • You can choose between the maps of Sanhok, Erangel, and Miramar.
  • An increased amount of loot will be available.
  • Crossbows, red zones, and motor gliders won't be seen anymore.
  • You won't find any bots in this mode.
  • You will find rewards and incentives for this mode separately like some badges.
  • In order to play this mode with your friend, you have to have a reasonably same skill level.
  • You have to verify your account by SMS.
  • The performance determining factors are mainly based on centered around kills, assists, and personal placement.

Weapon balancing changes

Automatic Rifles

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The most dominant ARs have been nerfed with a little longer recoil time, the damage has been reduced from 41 to 40 and the muzzle velocity is reduced from 880 to 780 ms. As a result, you might have a hard time firing long distances with m416.
The m16 and Mk 47 mutant now have a less recoil time and higher firing speed. They are also enabled with a tracker you will now be able to track your bullets down.
The muzzle velocity of m762 has been increased from 680 to 740 ms. Also, the recoil time has been decreased making the m762 among the top lethal ARs.

Shot Guns

Most of the shotguns have received a buff with increased damage, decreased accuracy penalty during movement, and hip-fire accuracy.
S12 is now enabled with a suppressor and extended quickdraw magazine. Sawed-off will witness a decrease in reload time.

Armor vests

The vests now are not going to disappear once receiving damage, they are still going to provide 20% protection.

Pubg wallpaper

Gas cans improvements

The jerrycans started exploding in the last update and now we have another creative use for them. Now you can pour the fuel on the grounds and light the whole place on fire with a gunshot. However, the jerrycans once emptied can still explode.

Other PUBG PC patch updates

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The sound improvement will take place and the new skins will be available. Also, there have been loads of bug fixes you can check them out here.