When is the steam summer sale 2020?

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When is the steam summer sale ? You do not raise that question fairly often, why? The subsequent headline would possibly offer you some ideas.

Dates for the steam summer sale are leaked

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Yes, you read it right, the dates for the steam's biggest sale of the year are leaked just like the last year, the year before that, and perhaps before that year as well.

Dates for the summer sale on steam have been leaking for such a long time now that you folks must have started searching for " Haven't the summer sale been leaked yet?".

Pavel djundik twitter steam

The dates as cited by Pavel Djundik are from: 25 June to 9th July (the same as 2019)

Pavel Djundik has helped the steam society to keep up the leaking info record, just like every other year. Check his Twitter handle. Pavel Djundik is also the man behind the steam database, a well-known application showing us all the statistics that steam withholds.

Now "When exactly is the sale in 2020?" not a question rather the question is whether the valve is worried about their information leaks and their huge plans?

Well the answer is No, valve hasn't taken any step to forestall it from happening.

Some additional insights from Pavel Djundik

Pavel djundik twitter leaks

Pavel's twitter handle also tells us about a Loyalty rewards being carried out. The program as he mentioned will assign rewards by a points system. A system has also been developed to add user reviews reaction. All these rewards and points can be redeemed as discounts.

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Now that we all know that the dates of the largest steam summer sale get ready to lightweight your pockets and intensify your gaming experience!!