League of legends patch note 10.10

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The league of legends recently witnessed a new patch note update 10.10. With lots of changes regarding the skins, balancing character enhancements and some bug fixes this patch note update might bring something new to the game. Let us check them all first!

New skins

league of legends patch note

This update has a lot of different skins. Also, we have some pulse fire skins joining the skin shop alongside pulse fire events, there will be lots of drops joining the lineup.
The whole theme gives a fell of future and these time travelers are here to shake the world.

Balance changes

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A lot of balance changes were made to some champions which are mentioned below:

  • Kled has been fierce in all parts of the elos and the changes have come to balance him. Also, Kleds Q's has taken major early game nerf. Its cooldown has been increased from 9-7seconds to 11-7 seconds, which means Kled has to play less fierce in the beginning.
  • Maokai's Q cost has gone up from 50 to 60 which I don't think would generate much of a difference.
  • Irelia has been buffed, her ease damage has gone up from 72-32 to 82-60.
  • Kayne has been nerfed so expect him to perform even worse.
  • Udyr has been buffed with 5 movement speed, yes you heard it right it's 5 movement speed from 345 to 350. He is going to be among the fastest champions around as a result, making him a very good choice again
  • Nidalee has been buffed with a Q damage ratio increase and she is supposed to terrorize high elos from now on.
  • Diana has been nerfed as her base health has gone down from 590 to 570. She had a lot of health, to begin with, but it still won't be a significant difference.

Other noticable buffs and nerfs in the LOL patch note 10.10

  • Katarina has been nerfed with -5% damage dealt and +5% damage taken which significantly reduces her late-game damage.
  • Twisted fate got buffed as the damage has been increased from 49.95 to 52. Also, the mana time was reduced from 150 to 100.
  • Annie's E damage reduction was increased from 10-22% to 13-29%.
  • Miss Fortune got nerfed as the speed on her has gone down from 60-100 to 50-90. As a result, making her more vulnerable to gangs.
  • Sivir was buffed as her mana refund has gone up from 80-140 to 110-150.
  • Soraka was buffed as her Q damage 75-215 to 85-225. So, now she would be a nice choice.
  • Taric got nerfed as his health per level has gone down from 90 to 85 and his double Q's bonus armor from 10-20% to10-14% which won't really affect the initial strategies.

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However, apart from the changes mentioned the league of legend patch 10.10 also has some bug fixes. You can check them here.

Do ping us what you think about the new League of Legends patch note in the comment section.