PUBG Sanhok 2.0 | New Remastered Map Is More Competitive | Releasing In Season 8 For PC & Console

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  • PUBG adds a new map or a remastered one with every season.
  • PUBG Sanhok 2.0 (remastered) is being added in season 8
  • Sanhok 2.0 seems to promote more competitive gameplay

PUBG adds either a new map or remasters an old one with every new season. Starting from Erangel to the latest available map, Vikendi in season 7, each map has been added in a new season. PUBG has just now tweeted a new teaser video for Sanhok 2.0. Now that season 8 is due to arrive on July 22 for PC and July 30 for consoles, we have analyzed and compared the new Sanhok 2.0. with the old one. The new map seems to promote more competitive gameplay and some locations have completely been changed. So let's dive in and find more about it!

Analysis of the new PUBG Sanhok 2.0 can be divided into 3 parts:

  • The Bootcamp
  • Party Zone (previously Dock)
  • The Ruins

The Bootcamp in PUBG Sanhok 2.0: New Vs Old

The layout of the new Sanhok version 2 has completely been changed and it is very much symmetrical, almost perfect for a TDM. So we might see Bootcamp as the new Team Deathmatch map. But the coolest thing about the new map is that new bridges across the river have been added and the style has also been changed. Moreover, the width of the river has also be decreased and it also looks more shallow. Old high mountains have also been removed along the river. This makes it very easy to rotate around the island since you have more spots to swim and this makes it more competitive.

pubg sanhok 1 1 on

Now that the river is narrow, the play-area has also been increased and also, you can swim very quickly. Another minute but significant change is that quite a few high rocks have been added along the river, so you are very less likely to get third-partied. Lastly, the elevation of the terrain has been lowered significantly, this means that you can no longer see the whole map from the hills.

Party Zone (previously Dock) in PUBG Sanhok 2.0: New Vs Old

The Dock has completely been removed, it is Party Zone now. The new layout is completely different. The new Party Zone looks more like some kind of private city and it features more of clubs and kind of chill spots, as the name, Party Zone, suggests. You even get a Bang Bang warehouse! Now, what does that mean? Okay jokes apart, the mountain on the map has been stripped off and the rework is not that steep, making it more accessible and there is a ruins kind of structure at the top. Also, the Docks used to be the TDM map. Since it is no longer available, are they going to make Bootcamp the new TDM map? Let's see.

pubg sanhok 2.0 partyzone docks season 8

The Ruins in PUBG Sanhok 2.0: Completely Remade

Not many things is known about the new Ruins but it is completely different from the old one. The new Ruins looks like the Bootcamp since it a quadrangular and very symmetric. And they are also adding some temple like towers in the map. The kind of temples that you see in south Indian region, vertical ones.

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So PUBG season 8 is coming on July 22 for PC and July 30 for the console. Based on how they are teasing it, seems like it is going to be a huge update and a killer one. Some players are speculating an overhaul to the movement system from Chopper but we are not sure about it.

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