PUBG Mobile Bots Evolution Update | Beware, these new bots are not bots anymore | 0.19.0

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  • PUBG Mobile is getting 0.19.0 update on July 7, 2020
  • PUBG Mobile Bots Evolution update is a part of it
  • The bots can perform some advanced tasks now

The players will be receiving the 0.19.0 Update on 7th July. This global update will bring a complete package of new changes and advancements in PUBG Mobile. As not even a day is left for the update, the community can’t wait to see their favorite game in a whole new avatar. If you are following their social media handles, you might be aware of the new Livik map, bone fire mode, and new vehicle. But there’s something more that we want to disclose.

PUBG Mobile Bots Evolution Overview

According to the sources, we will feel the Bot Evolution. Bots are simple AI-controlled characters in the game that pretend to be actual players. But they were too slow and outdated. In simple words, they are getting an in-game up-gradation. This will enhance their mechanics and they will act more like human players. Bots will be able to perform complicated tasks and provide the experience of actual human players.

Bots can do these things after the new PUBG Mobile Bots Evolution

You might have encountered some stupid players who shoot standing in one place and their aim is just random. They are regarded as bots in PUBG Mobile and are placed to boost the confidence of new players. Also, they complete the lobby of 100 players if the real players are short. But now they will be able to perform tasks that they have never done in the past.

PUBG Mobile Bots Evolution sniper aiming

The developers have studied the actions of real players and tried to inculcate those abilities in the bots. They will now deal a significant amount of damage and you can’t ignore them during a fight. All these advancements will be seen in the 0.19.0 update.

This doesn’t mean that you have to get scared of bots. They are still friendly (not deadly) and can act as a source of good loot. Advanced bots that we talked about will be seen more in the last few circles of the match. If you survive until then, you may face them. But keep in mind, as the circle starts to get smaller, their power and ability will increase eventually.

PUBG Mobile Bots Evolution

Some of the tasks that the bots can perform are:

  • Throw grenades, stun grenades
  • Run to take a better cover
  • Improved aiming system
  • Deal more damage

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These bots will now provide a better gaming experience to the players. Also, don’t forget to update the game as soon as it hits the global platform. It is expected to get released anytime in the next 24 hours.

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