Rainbow Six Siege Operators: Latest Updates

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We have seen the Rainbow six siege operators change a lot in past few years and the game has grown very much in this time . We have seen it become an addiction!

You can see the latest changes made in the latest patch note update Y5S1.2 for the rainbow six siege operators and their abilities. It also includes some of the bug fixes we wanted to get rid of.

Rainbow six siege Operators Enhancement

The rainbow six siege Operators updates deployed in the third week of April for PC and console with the Y5S1.2 patch.

The sole purpose of this update is to make balancing changes to the game. These changes will pull out a more effective coordinated team effort. Understand these balancing enhancement efforts in detail here.

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Following are the Rainbow Six Siege Operators and their improvements deployed in this patch note update:

  • BUCK: The frag grenades are abandoned, instead of them you will find claymores being deployed. Also, the skeleton key magazine capacity has been increased by 5+1. The maximum ammo count is increased to 25+1. ( Although I don't see it much useful)
  • GOYO: The total number of Volcan shields has been reduced to 2. (before 3). Moreover, the damage of TCSG12 has been reduced by  27 to 57. An additional magazine is added for both Goyo and Kaid.
  • JAGER: Jager will now be a 2 speed/ 2 armor character. The reduced speed will now make roaming in the map slower but you still have the added advantage of a better defense.
  • YING: Ying will be the Rainbow Six Siege Operator to see the most number of changes. These include the increased number of candelas form 3 to 4. Also, claymores are being replaced by the frag grenades and the T-95 LSW damage increased to 46.
  • CAVIERA: A razor holographic sight has been added to her M12.        
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Another major bug fix includes the barricade issue, where the barricade is not destroyed for everyone but the shooter.

The rest of the bug fixes includes graphics enhancement and interface queries.