Samurai Esports debuts in Valorant, signs Psy & Co

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  • Samurai Esports has announced its debut in Valorant.
  • Samurai Esports has signed the Psy & Co roster.
  • The roster has already played for two other orgs.

Samurai Esports have revealed their new Valorant roster today, 28 February 2021, which includes Psy, Whimp, Harsh, Rex, and Blackhawk. The team has been playing together since 5 January 2021, when Whimp joined his former team XTZ esports.

Samurai Esports Valorant lineup

The new lineup does not need any introduction as it has been more or less playing together ever since they were with Noble Esports.

  • Simar 'Psy' Sethi
  • Tejas ‘Rexy’ Kotian
  • Harsh ‘Harshhh’ Arora
  • Shailesh 'blackhawk' Dalvi
  • Saaransh ‘Whimp’ Dang

Samurai Esports' new lineup is a top tier team

The current lineup of Samurai Esports had participated in the TEC Invitational Season 2 last and was placed in the third position, after losing the lower-bracket finals to Team Mahi.

"It’s an exciting day at the Samurai eSports headquarters as we get our Valorant plans rolling. With this lineup of players that we know from previous games we feel confident that we have found a good fit for our brand and visions. The time to come will bring lots of excitement and entertainment for sure!", wrote Samurai Esports on Instagram.

History of Psy and Co.

The team had first come together with Noble Esports, Psy, Harsh, and Rexy were on the team and eventually, blackhawk and Whimp joined. The team had parted ways with Noble Esports to join XTZ Esports. Until recently, the team was participating under XTZ Esports.

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