SEN dapr gets death threats from Brazilian fans

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Sentinels winning the VCT Masters 2 without even dropping a single map made them many new fans but who would've thought it'll make a ton of people hate them too for some of their actions in the matchups.

SEN dapr has been with the team from the start and is a huge reason for their huge success in almost every tournament. He has a rather more "stylish/BM'ing" playstyle when compared to most of the players in the Valorant scene. During the upper semifinals of the VCT Masters 2, Sentinels matched up against Brazil's Team Vikings. It was clear from the get-go that Vikings were nowhere near Sentinels in terms of a decisive, clean and complex playstyle with anti-stratting almost every round. On the second map, Haven, Sentinels loosened up a little bit and started trolling the other team like they always do when they're about to win an easy game.

SEN dapr took it a little too far than just casual BMs and tried to knife VKS Sova player, Sacy. VKS Sacy was killed by an OP by SEN TenZ before SEN dapr could knife him. All was fun and good until after the match when SEN dapr and SEN zombs started to look at their DMs on their way back to the hotel.

They got a ton of death threats in Portuguese from angry Brazilian fans for trying to knife their favourite team's player. SEN dapr revealed that one of the messages was along the lines of "you knife them ingame and I knife you IRL". However, SEN dapr seemed pretty calm and laughed it off when he told his stream about this situation indicating it's all well and good behind the scenes and Sentinels fans have nothing to worry about as no one's gonna harm their dear players!

You can watch the clip yourself here: