Valorant introduces Squad Boost, play with friends and earn more XP

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Games are meant to be played together with friends! Valorant has revealed a new event called Squad Boost as a part of its YR1 anniversary celebration month, which rewards you for playing with friends. The more you play together, the more you earn.

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When does Squad Boost start in Valorant?

Valorant's Squad Boost will be available for one month starting from 22 June 2021 (ends on 22 July). The XP boost will be valid for all game modes except custom.

How does Squad Boost work?

As I said earlier, the bigger your party size, the more XP boost you get. The below table lists Squad Boost XP increase percentage on the basis of Party size.

Party SizeXP Boost
28% extra XP
312% extra XP
416% extra XP
5 (full)20% extra XP

Valorant is celebrating its 1 year anniversary with YR1 events

Valorant has completed one year with a bang. Millions of players are enjoying the game on a daily basis, while its esports event, VCT Masters Iceland, attracted over 5 million people on the final day. Valorant has revealed a plethora of events under 'YR1' bouquet. Apart from the Squad Boost, GIVE BACK BUNDLE, COMMUNITY BATTLEPASS, WWFEST RETURNS, and ACCOUNT LEVELING is also coming. The cherry on top is a brand new agent who is debuting with Episode 3.