Sentinels bulldozed Nuturn Gaming at upper finals

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NA's last hope Sentinels faced off against Koreas Nuturn Gaming and defeated them in a clean 2-0 victory.

Sentinels and Nuturn Gaming faught for a chance to secure their spot in the Grand Finals of the VCT Masters 2. Sentinels clearly seemed like the better team in almost all aspects. The first map, Bind(NU's pick) was SEN dapr's playground. His viper walls and smokes are what stopped Nuturn Gaming from doing absolutely anything. They won the first half at8-4 and the map at 13-5. The second map, Haven was where Sentinels became sure that they were gonna win and things got way into their comfort zone. It looked like Nuturn had a plan before coming into this game and they just sticked to it even though Sentinels were able to read it entirely. They almost never took garage control and when they tried to do it Sen Sick just disrupted their entire gameplan by killing 1 or 2 almost every time Nuturn tried to take grarge control. Sentinels won the match at a convincing 13-5.

SEN Sick was the match MVP with a 301 combat score and 35 kills to his name. NU Lakia was the team MVP with 256 combat score and 29 kills.

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Sentinels now are in the Grand Finals of the first ever major LAN tournament of Valorant and Nuturn Gaming will now face the winner of Lower Round 4(FNC vs. TL) in the Lower Bracket finals to once again secure their spot in the Grand Finals.

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