Team Liquid defeated Team Vikings at the Lower Round 3 of VCT Masters 2

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Team Liquid defeated Team Vikings to secure their spot in the Lower Round 4 of the VCT Masters 2.

Team Liquid just went head to head with Brazil's last hope Team Vikings to secure a spot in the Lower Round 4. It was the 2-0 clean sweep by Team Liquid. The first map, Ascent(TV's pick) was won by Team Liquid in a pretty convincing manner. The entire team's aim and positioning just looked precise and on point. They won it at 8-13 scoreline. The second map, Haven(TL's pick) was over in a blink as Team Vikings weren't able to win a single round in the second half. They lost the match at 5-13. Team Vikings just seemed to give up mid game. The same thing happened when they fought Sentinels. They just give up mid game and just start rushing into sites.

TL Jamppi was the match MVP with a 289 combat score and 41 kills to his name. Sacy was the team MVP with 198 combat score and just 24 kills to his name.

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Team Vikings are now eliminated from the tournament with a 5th-6th finish. They take home 40,000usd with them. Lower round 4 consists of Team Liquid facing off with Fnatic to get a chance to play in the Lower finals.

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