Sentinels vs. Team Vikings showed NA is a force to be reckoned with!

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It's safe to say that it was expected Sentinels to win the series 2-0 considering their recent form. Team Vikings were able to at least hold up their own on Icebox(TV's pick) as they lost the first half in an acceptable way(7-5) and lost the map to Sentinels at 13-7 scoreline as they were only able to secure two more rounds in the second half.

The second map, Haven was a completely different story! Sentinels came in strong from the get-go and stomped on Team Vikings. It took a total of 8 rounds for Team Vikings to even get on the scoreboard. Sentinels set the tone of the map from the beginning and they controlled the entire flow of the map. They won the first half(10-2) and Team Vikings just seemed to lost all hope in the second half. They, in some rounds didn't even bother to use utility and instead just rushed A site most of the rounds. The second map was a c completely fiasco and Sentinels closed it at 13-6.

TenZ was the match MVP with 280 combat score and 40 kills to his name while sacy was VKS's team MVP with 247 combat score and 27 kills to his name.

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Sentinels secured their spot in the upper finals in a convincing manner and it's pretty sure that each and every team is scared of them right now. Both V1 and Sen are proving to be better than even in VCT Masters 2.

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