KRU Esports dominates Sharks Esports in the Lower Round 1 of VCT Masters 2

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Second Match of the lower bracket was done and dusted in a blink of an eye!

KRU Esports just straight up dominated Sharks Esports from the get go! The first map, Icebox(KRU's pick) went swimmingly for KRU as they won the first half in a dominant fashion(10-3) and the entire map at 13-5 scoreline. KRU Esports who are known as the pistol kings actually lost both the pistol rounds but that didn't let their morale go down! The second map, Bind also ended in the same manner with KRU stomping Sharks Esports! They won the first half at 7-5 and won the map and the series at 13-6. Sharks Esports weren't even able to win a total of 13 rounds in both maps combined! This clearly showed that KRU were just the better team in many aspects.

Even though Sharks lost, prozin was the match MVP with 270 combat score and 33 kills to his name. Now, after losing to KRU Esports who managed to keep going forward in the tournament, Sharks Esports are now unfortunately eliminated from VCT Masters 2. Kru Esports are not set to face Team Liquid in Lower Round 2 on May 28, 1:30am IST.

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The next matchup is between the Fan Favourites Sentinels and Team Vikings at the Upper Semifinals. VCT Masters 2 keeps on getting interesting with these heavenly matches!