Valorant: Indian Servers are coming with Act 3 on Oct 13. Test ping from your location like this.

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  • Riot is testing Valorant Indian servers, likely to release with Act 3.
  • Some players are been getting a very low ping.
  • Here is how to test the ping from your location.


As we had reported, devs have confirmed today that the Valorant Indian servers are indeed coming with Act III on October 13, 2020. In a Reddit post, Rioter ZealousApathy has confirmed that the Indian servers in Mumbai will "be online at the same time as Bahrain, but India will stay in the Asia Pacific shard."

rioter confirms indian servers in mumbai
Rioter confirms Indian server in Mumbai, will go live with Act 3

Riot had been hinting about the Indian servers for Valorant, and data miners had also found out some hidden strings in the code which pointed towards it. We had also speculated that the servers would be live by the end of 2020, as they had promised under 35 ping worldwide.

Recently some players have been getting very low ping in Valorant, like 6 to 25. Initially, we believed that they had finally made the Mumbai servers live, but a Rioter took to Reddit to clarify that they are just testing as of now. He said, "Just as a heads up, these are not fully live just yet. We're doing some small scale tests over the next couple weeks, so you may see it pop in and out of availability." They want to make sure that the connections and routing with the main ISPs are error-free.

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valorant indian servers are being tested
"Huge thank you from everyone in SEA region!! :)"

Release date of Valorant Indian servers might be 13 October (Act 3)

It is worth noting that the current Act 2 of Valorant ends on 13 October. Since Riot have started testing the servers, it may be that they want to deploy the Indian servers in Mumbai along with the release of Act 3. This is just a speculation though.

How to test ping from your location?

  • Click on the gear icon
  • Open settings
  • Open 'Stats' from Video Settings
  • Enable 'Network Round Trip Time'
  • You can now see live ping on the top of your screen

Alternately, you can visit this link to test the ping from your location without opening the game.

How to know which server you are connected to?

  • Click on gear icon on top right
  • Open 'About'
  • Then open 'Server'

Alternately, you can visit and see the country assigned to you.

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