T1 resigns brax, release DaZeD and promotes dawn

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T1 has officially announced it's new Valorant roster. Braxton "brax" Pierce will be rejoining the roster after he left the team to go join TSM. brax will be replacing the team's IGL Sam "DaZeD" Marine. Also, Anthony "dawn" Hagopian has been temporarily promoted from T1 Academy to replace Ha "Spyder" Jeong-woo (하정우) due to the latter's hand injury.

David "dd8" Denis (Head coach) and Sam "DaZeD" Marine seem to have two complete different visions regarding the team's future. In the announcement video, dd8 said "DaZeD and myself just had a different vision for how we wanted the team to play". T1 were seen practicing without DaZeD for a while now.

brax first joined T1 during the closed beta version of the game in March 2020. He stayed with them through February of this year until he was released alongside Keven "AZK" Larivière. He then joined TSM as their sixth player, and had a brief stint with them in Stage 2 Challengers 1. brax only played a total of 4 games with TSM before he was benched and eventually replaced by Sean "bang" Bezerra.

dawn would be the second player on T1’s academy team to leave the side in recent weeks following the departure of former Overwatch player Lee “ANS” Seon-chang. ANS left T1 academy team on June 23 2021 to rejoin the San Francisco Shock in the Overwatch League.

 dd8 stated in the announcement video that T1 curry will be taking over the IGL role. This is a quite big roster change to take place just before Challengers 3. I am really interested in seeing how T1 will perform in the tournament now.

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