SEN ShahZaM leaks Sentinels Breeze Agent Comps

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SEN ShahZaM has been the most important part of Sentinels' success. His in-game leading is what enabled the players in his team to give their best and absolutely dominate the entire world!

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SEN ShahZaM streams almost daily on twitch. A random person in his chat asked him to leak his team's Breeze agent comp. The person said he'll gift 50 subscribers to ShahZaM if he does it. ShahZaM played along and revealed Sentinels' Breeze comps - Jett, Sova, Skye, Viper, Sage. ShahZaM then just laughed and asked the person not to gift him any subscribers and even said that he was feeling bad. He later explained the reason for him revealing the agent comps-" We will play like one open qualifier match and people will see the comps anyway".

Just to clear things out, ShahZaM was just playing along with his chat and leaked his agent comps just to tease his fans or maybe he wanted to give them a little insight on what they are planning to show the world in Challengers 3. He meant no harm to his team nor did he do it to just gain some subscribers on twitch. But for those who are wondering, the person who asked him to leak the agent comps stood up to his words and did gift ShahZaM 50 subscribers. ShahZaM again explained to the aforementioned person that he did not need to do that as the agent comps were going to be out anyway in open qualifiers and now he's feeling really bad about taking those 50 subscribers.

Challengers stage 3 will be the first time ever where we will get to see teams go head-to-head on Breeze. The agent comp that ShahZaM leaked was pretty much expected as all those agents are S-tier or at least A-tier on Breeze. This new map will sure bring some fresh competition , new map vetos and possibly some new metas.

You can check out the clip here if you want:

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