TenZ Valorant: TenZ says ranked players better than Valorant pros?

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TenZ Valorant: TenZ says ranked players better than Valorant pros?: SEN TenZ is widely considered as the best Valorant professional player/prodigy in the entire world. He plays as a duelist for Team Sentinels maining Reyna and Jett. He and his team have proven that they're the best of the best in Valorant at Valorant's first-ever LAN tournament held in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Sentinels did not lose a single map in the entire tournament with TenZ showing match after match how good he is against the best teams in the world. TenZ streams from time to time on twitch and during of one his recent streams, he began to talk about Ranked Matchmaking in Valorant. He said to his chat that he feels that Ranked Matches are much more harder than professional matches. This is of course true and many professionals would agree with him because players in ranked do more weird things and are just unpredictable to deal with.

TenZ explained himself that he thinks ranked players are much more better than any pro player in Valorant. He said that if people want NA(North-American region) to keep winning then just put five random top-ranked radiants in a team and they will farm any tier 1 team in the world! He even said that he thinks that team would beat Sentinels, the best team in the entire world!

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He went on to repeat these words a few more times during his stream. This gives hope to all the struggling pros or players pushing the ranked leaderboards that there are actual professional players that believe in them and in their talent.

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You can check out the clip here:

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