The ex-Godlike roster might join Skylightz Gaming

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With the official launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), every organization is looking for a fresh start in BGMI esports. Many organizations are making necessary changes to their team to perform better in upcoming BGMI official tournaments. Also, many International organizations are looking to step into BGMI esports by acquiring their own BGMI lineup.

As Krafton has promised to invest more than $100 million in India, the esports ecosystem of BGMIseems to have a bright future. Also, this step by Krafton will create an enormous impact on Indian Gaming and esports, as more International orgs and companies would be interested in their investment in India.

Surprisingly, Godlike Esports, one of the most reputed and oldest organizations in the competitive scenario, had released its BGMI roster. Their roster included the oldest and skilled veteran players in the competitive scenario – Smokie, Rayed & Aladin.

In their Instagram post, they had mentioned that they had released their roster due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, they stated that they would come back in the esports scenario, even more stronger than before. According to our sources, most probably, Godl is going to hire the ex-TSM lineup. They have not announced it yet, and an announcement regarding this would be made in the upcoming days.

Is ex- Godlike Esports roster joining Skylightz Gaming?

The ex-Godl line, consisting of Smokie, Rayed & Aladin, might join an international org. In a recent discussion in Hastar’s Livestream, he said they would be sticking together and joining an international org. Also, they stated that their organization has a bootcamp in Singapore. This statement hints that they might join Skylightz Gaming, as SG is looking for a BGMI lineup, and they have a Bootcamp in Singapore. Nevertheless, the news is not official, stay tuned with us, we will update the story when we have more updates.

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